Minehut: Set up Free Minecraft Server Hosting with Minehut?

How to Set Up Free Minecraft Server Hosting with Minehut?

Minehut: Note It is a distinct guide to creating an unpaid Minecraft server using Minehut.com and a maximum of 10 users. For a complete guide to setting up your own Minecraft server using your personal PC, visit our guide ” How to make your own Minecraft server“.

Furthermore, Minehut is among the few hosting providers which allow you to host the Minecraft server at no cost. Minehut servers are only compatible only with Minecraft: Java Edition. Minehut is an open-source (free premium) hosting server service.

Moreover, Minehut lets every user enjoy two free servers with 12 plugin slots 10, 10 maximum players, and a total of 1GB RAM. It is possible to purchase an account should you need to upgrade.

How to create and host a Minecraft Server for Free with Minehut?

1. Visit https://minehut.comor enter it into your internet browser.
2. Click to Sign Up.
3. Make sure to enter your email address.
4. Enter your birth date.
5. Select the checkbox.
6. Click Continue.
7. Verify your email address.
Check out the 8-character code that is in the Minehut body of the email.
Input the 8-digit code into the “Verify” text box on the Minehut Code page.
8. Click Continue.
9. Create an account with a password.
10. Click Continue.

Setting Up your free Minecraft server on Minehut

1. Enter a server’s name. The server name should not be more than 10 characters.
Your server’s name should not contain special characters or spaces.
2. Click to create.
3. Then, Click to activate.
4. Click Continue.


It is now possible to locate the address of your Minecraft server’s IP address within the upper left area of the box to the top. Below it is a blue shield icon. it. You can continue to alter the settings of your server under “Appearance” and “Settings”.

Video: How to Set Up Free Minecraft Server Hosting with Minehut?

If you’d like an instructional video of how to host a no-cost Minecraft Server by using Minehut.com Please check out this video.Minecraft.

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