Guide to Setup Xbox One 2022 – Guys!! If you purchase a brand new Xbox One, the excitement of returning it to you in your home and playing your most loved games is exciting.

But it can be delayed when you’re stuck in setting it up. Many people usually get confused when the setup screen shows a code and asks you to visit on your mobile. is the official web portal to set up the Xbox One app. If you aren’t sure how to for the online setup for the Xbox One, I’m going to assist you.

I’ve outlined the full steps you need to follow and have also offered solutions for any errors that might occur.

Before learning the same, what is It is considered the main website, which helps complete the Xbox One Setup process using our Smartphone. Let’s start studying the useful content shared just below.


What Is Aka.Ms/Xbox Setup?

The Xbox setup process is nothing more than installing your console Xbox One through the Smartphone. This process also includes activated codes.

This activation code must also be entered in a particular web portal. The is an official site that can help us complete the configuration process on mobile with ease.

Another thing to be aware of is that this process is accessible only via mobile devices. This means that the setup process is not accessible on a personal computer.

The procedure for creating Xbox One via mobile is described below. You can also complete this Xbox One setup process not just on mobile but also via tablet devices.

What is The Purpose Of Accessing Aka.Ms/Xboxsetup

Simple. The assists in registering an Xbox one account by accessing via your Xbox One app located on your Smartphone.

The whole process is digital. This means that everyone can play their favourite games at any time. Another point that needs to remember is that this process of setting up helps complete the update manually.

There were no automatic updates available. Therefore, it is mobile-centric, and this can be completed using either Mac or a PC.

If you’d like to give it an attempt to set up through a computer or system and then follow this, you will need to visit their website for support. The whole process is possible via the Smartphone or Tablet.

Xbox app for Windows PC

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How to Set Up Xbox One App with

Here’s a complete guide on how to install an Xbox One app on your mobile device to complete the configuration. Before starting, make sure that both your Xbox One and the mobile you’re using is to an identical WiFi connection. Follow these steps to begin playing games with your new Xbox One:

Step-1: There is an “Activation code” present on the console screen. Please Note the code down on paper. XboxSetup

Step-2: Open a web browser on your mobile and visit XboxSetup

Step-3: Next, you have to continue the setup using the Xbox One app. XboxSetup

Step-4: Install the Xbox One app on your smartphone and open it. If it is already installed, it will launch itself automatically. XboxSetup

Step-5: On the Xbox One app, tap on “Setup Console.” You can also select to log in before setting it up. XboxSetup

Step-6: Next, enter the “Activation code” that you noted earlier in the Xbox One app. XboxSetup

Step-7: Answer some on-screen instructions to proceed further.

Step-8: Now, go back to the console and wait for the system update to finish. 

After that, it will prompt you to apply the same settings on the Xbox One app.

Step-9: Finally, tap on “Yes” to complete the process.

That’s it. You have finished the Xbox One setup digitally and updated the firmware.

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The is the official site which can help us install an Xbox One app for our smartphones. This is why it’s also a good idea that you can update the app manually. The entire procedure is digital. There is no need to be concerned when we do not finish the setup procedure. Be sure to go through these steps before starting the setting process.

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