How to Breed Horses in Minecraft (and Tame Horses)

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft?

Breed Horses in Minecraft: Horses are passive mobs in Minecraft and can tame and ridden, transported, and many other things. You can find them in many colors, and they spawn in villages, plains, and savannas. A new foal can also born from a tamed horse, allowing you to care for a foal until he is fully mature.

How to breed and tame horses in Minecraft Step-by-step.

We take a deeper look at how to breed horses in Minecraft and tame them in Minecraft.

How to Tame a Horse In Minecraft?

Before breeding horses in Minecraft, it is essential to learn how to tame horses. This is crucial because wild horses cannot reproduce in Minecraft. To successfully breed horses, you must tame the horses you want to mate.

The process of taming horses is quite simple in Minecraft. Horses can tame in Minecraft without the use of any items, which is quite different from the other types of animals. Although wild horses are most common on plains, they can also find in other areas.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft.

  1. Repeated attempts at mounting a horse can help you to tame it. The horse may initially buck at the player, but this will a regular part of the process until the horse is comfortable with the rider. Each horse is different so the number of attempts needed to control a horse may vary.
  2. Red hearts will soon appear around a horse that has been successfully tamed. The horse can ridden again, and you will receive confirmation that it is now tame.

Notable is the fact that the “Saddle Up” achievement/trophy cannot unlock on multiple platforms by taming horses.

Breed Horses in Minecraft

How to ride a horse in Minecraft?

A saddle item is required to ride a horse in Minecraft. These items can find in your inventory through trading, fishing, trading, or dropping from mobs who have previously equipped saddle or treasure chests.

After you have successfully tamed your horse and have purchased a saddle, attach the saddle. You can do this by pointing at the horse and opening the inventory menu. Then drag the harness into the appropriate slot. You can also climb on the horse to select the saddle.

You can control a horse that has a saddle, allowing you to go in any direction you want. A tamed horse can ride without a saddle, but it will not allow you to direct its movements.

The best use of horses in the game is riding them on a saddled horse, which allows for a faster ride than you can normally travel on foot. Although the exact speed of a horse will vary from horse to horse, it moves roughly twice as fast as a player character when walking on foot.

Our How To Make a Saddle in Minecraft page contains a complete guide to finding and using saddles and riding horses.

How to breed horses in Minecraft?

After you have successfully tamed and ridden a horse, you can begin to consider breeding them. You will need two horses to start breeding; wild horses can’t bred. A good strategy is to put up fences to stop horses from moving apart.

Horses need to give golden apples, enchanted gold apples, and a golden carrot to activate the ‘love mod’ mechanic. If you don’t have enough, enchanted gold apples are not recommended. Golden carrots and apples are more valuable than scarce, so you should focus on them. These can purchase from traders or found in chests, and you can make them by adding an Apple or Carrot to gold nuggets or ingots.

When two tame horses are fed the correct ingredients, they will show their love hearts. If they are within eight blocks, they will automatically move closer to one another and then have a ‘kiss.’ A foal should born after this event. For five minutes, the two horses can no longer breed.

You can use sugar, wheat, and carrots to help your foal grow into an adult horse. It takes foals 20 minutes to become a mature horse; however, you can speed up this process by feeding them.

Two horses can bred to produce mixed results. A horse’s speed and jump heights are determined by the parent’s stats plus a random number, which is then added together. If you breed a fast horse with a low jump and a quick horse, you can end up with a horse with an average speed and jump or one with high speed + high jumping.

Players can cross a horse and donkey to create a mule, and this cannot further bred. For more information visit : minecraft

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