Apex Legends Crossplay – Is Apex Cross Platform?

Apex Legends Crossplay – Is Apex Cross Platform?

Are Apex Legends cross-platform?
How do I enable Apex Legends crossplay to play with my colleagues?
Is Apex Legends cross-progression between platforms?

Apex Legends Crossplay

What is Apex Legends cross-platform?
It is true, that Apex Legends is now cross-platform compatible.

Apex Legends: It’s been for a while of development and now Apex Legends crossplay has finally been add to the game. The game is now Apex Legends and is cross-platform accessible with support for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Below, we’ve outlined what Apex Legends crossplay works, and if cross-progression is feasible.

Apex Legends Crossplay

How can I enable Apex Legends’ crossplay?

It is now possible to participate in Apex Legends with your friends regardless of which platform they play on: Xbox One, Switch, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and PC. To add friends from other platforms, just open the “Friends Menu” in the lobby screen and enter the name of your friend’s game under the “Find Friends” section. After that, you can choose your friend’s name for the appropriate platform once you’ve found him.

Apex Legends cross-play does not be able to work if you’re playing alone. If you’re playing as a solo player you will be matched with other players playing on similar platforms. If a group of players consists of just PC players, they’ll be matched to PC users only. Similar to console players, who will only be matched with other console players.

Apex Legends Crossplay has been set to default, however, you can turn Apex Crossplay off completely.

How do I turn off Apex Legends cross-play?

To disable Apex Legends’ crossplay feature. head to the settings (the cog icon at the lower right corner in the primary menu). Then select ‘Disable crossplay’.

The option of turning off crossplay is limited to console gamers, at the time of writing. PC players are not able to disable Apex Legends crossplay yet.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends doesn’t have cross-progression as of yet. That means that even if you’ve accounts on both PC and console it won’t be possible to transfer your stats or cosmetics.

So, you’re likely to need to ensure you purchase any skins you want on your primary account.

Cross-progression allows users to join their accounts on different multiple platforms. This allows users to effortlessly access content that is locked from one platform to another. Also means that it’s not necessary to open a brand new account for each.

The feature was implemented in Apex Legends and gives community members an idea of how useful it can be within the game.

Do Apex Legends have cross-progression?

At the moment is it is not possible to cross-progress within Apex Legends., so you won’t be able to change your statistics, skins, or cosmetics. Make sure you purchase skins from your main account.

Cross-progression is the feature that allows players to connect their accounts to other platforms. This means they can access content that is not locked from one platform to the next and save their progress and don’t have to create a new account on every platform.

PC players can connect their accounts to Steam, however, and transfer their progress to Origin and into Apex Legends. There isn’t an option to switch your game account from PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

When is cross-progression coming to Apex Legends?

Respawn the developer has discussed cross-progression in a few instances in the past, stating “I don’t think that cross-progression isn’t possible. however, it’s definitely more difficult to bring cross-progression into a game. That’s been around for two years” Then he added “But we’re trying to make it happen. It’s a lot harder than I imagine that it’d be. We are currently looking into cross-progressions to allow players to transfer skins, purchases, or account progression, no matter the platform they’re on.”

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